We have two slop barges for de-slopping; the bigger one is the only slop barge in the area which allows removal of slops over 300 cbm from a tanker in one time. We can also arrange removal of small quantities of oil residues to our own tank trucks when ships stay in port.

Fleet list:

  • NAFTA, slop barge, total capa. 1500 cbm, receiving rate up to 350 cbm per hour
  • LOTOS, slop barge, total capa. 300 cbm, receiving rate up to 150 cbm per hour
  • Tank truck, total capa. 30 cbm
  • PUMER1, preliminary recycling station, total capa. 660 cbm, productivity up to 15,000 cbm annually
  • MONTU, 2-screw port tug, output 1200 BHP